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"Heads2gether made a significant impact on our recent inspection. Undertaking the school self-evaluation package made the whole process of inspection much better and the information Jamie shared was used in every QI evaluated. It is hard to quantify, however at least two of our grades improved as a result of working with Heads2gether."

Elizabeth Douglas, head Teacher, Newhill Primary School.


Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. Heads2gether is an Education Consultancy Service run by Jamie Petrie which specialises in bespoke training for Primary Schools as well as a variety of different services all designed to support school improvement and school self evaluation. My mantra is to inspire Confidence, Creativity and Curriculum and work in partnership with Primary Schools in Scotland.

My name is Jamie Petrie, founder of Heads2gether Educational Consultancy. I have worked for over 22 years in Primary Education and held every post in Primary Schools from Class Teacher to Head Teacher. I also spent two years on secondment at Education Scotland as part of the Assessment Team. I hold degrees in Primary Education, Educational Leadership, Collaborative Working and Inclusion, Scottish Qualification for Headship and am a proud graduate of Columba 1400.


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At Heads2gether, I provide a variety of services ranging from an innovative full weeks Package for School Self Evaluation to bespoke staff training in almost all areas of Primary School improvement planning. All services are geared towards my goal of making our schools excellent, innovative and creative. All my services are delivered in partnership with the school and are designed around the needs of your school. For full and comprehensive details of my services please click the Services section or call 07828684066.


"I have just finished a week of support (The School Self Evaluation Package) from Jamie's company, Heads2gether. The staff embraced the process and the biggest thing is they are more confident and have been reminded of their professionalism and have highlighted what they do well. Jamie was in school from 7am to 7pm every day and provided written feedback for everything (parent groups, pupil groups, staff groups class visit feedback) as well as the report. He is worth every penny, I highly recommend getting in touch with him".


Lisa MacPhail - Head Teacher St Ninian's Primary School Dundee



At Heads2gether I am committed to supporting Teachers of all levels to become the best they can be. My services provided are designed to support school self evaluation, school improvement and quality assurance. My key goal is to support schools in the self evaluation process through positive engagement and seeking the views of stakeholders. Heads2gether is not a service which will judge, it is a service which will support, nurture and encourage confidence, creativity and curriculum.


"The classroom visit was a very positive experience. I felt the individual feedback was very useful. The whole experience was very positive and supportive"


Class Teacher - Victoria Park Primary School, Dundee.





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"Hugely supporting working environment. Jamie put staff at ease instantly and his feedback lifted them up in a time where the job as a whole is difficult. I felt completely at ease sharing things I didn't know and seeking advice. Jamie was professional but nurturing in his approach and really left us all feeling positive about the improvement road ahead." Lesley-Anne Weir, HT Victoria Park PS


Heads2gether understands the complexity of school improvement and self evaluation. Over the last decade the education system in Scotland has faced many challenges. Head Teachers and school staff are expected to carry out many different roles in a school and the local community. Never has there been a time in education where the leadership of the school has been so important. Staffing is at a critical point where those tasked with overseeing the school self evaluation process are covering classes and not getting to this expected process as much as they would like. At Heads2gether, I can support you in this process to reduce your workload through my supportive and innovative Self Evaluation Package.


At Heads2gether, I know the challenges of running a school so completely understand your needs.


One of the key reasons I established Heads2gether was after I experienced a very challenging inspection. I was fourteen weeks into my Head Teacher role when Education Scotland visited my school. I would have greatly benefited from a service such as the School Self Evaluation Package Heads2gether has to offer before I was inspected by Education Scotland. Having been through the process of turning a school around, I have the skills and knowledge of what it takes and am committed to support you through this challenging journey. I am here to make sure you don't feel overwhelmed by the School Self Evaluation process and are best prepared, with your staff, pupils and parents, to tell the story of your school.


Heads2gether could support transformational change in your school so let us put our heads together and make it the best we can for our staff, children and families.

Whether it is the Heads2gether School Self Evaluation Package.......

"Anyone thinking about what to do with PEF funding - get Heads2gether to come in and give your school a truthful and honest self-evaluation overhaul. Jamie spent a week with us and as a new (but very experienced) HT to the school it was the best money I have ever spent. With HMIE immenent, Jamie has confirmed my views, given me a comprehensive report and a sset of next steps. He was truly super". Elizabeth Douglas, HT Newhill Primary School.

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If what I can offer is what you need then get in touch on 07828684066 or and I will be more than happy to meet and discuss your needs.


To see my services in more detail, then head up to the top of the page and click on Services. This will show you more about my new and innovative Heads2gether School Self Evaluation Package plus our ethos when delivering bespoke training.

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