Reducing Workload & Making Improvements

At Heads2gether, I am committed to supporting school improvement without adding to already significant workloads. I am able to take any aspect of school improvement and work with the relevant staff to implement the improvement. I work around the school and ensure that this is part of the working time agreement, not an add on. I take care of all the admin and planning leaving the staff empowered to make the improvements as part of their daily work.


As a Head Teacher who developed very effective play based learning from Nursery to Primary Two, I have supported the learning process in order to meet learners needs. I firmly believe that the first years in education are key and that children, on average, are not ready for formal learning until they reach the age of 7 or 8. I have worked with a number of schools to develop play based learning in their settings. This ranges from pedagogy to planning and resourcing. All schools who have worked with me have reported significant improvements in how well the children attain and achieve in their schools. 


I am experienced in supporting individual staff, groups of staff or whole school staff groups to improve specific areas of learning and teaching. This includes everything from planning, assessing and evaluating all aspects of learning and teaching. Examples to date include the effective and simple use of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria in planning, using data to make improvements and developing play throughout the school.


The Scottish Government has allocated significant funds to help close the gap between the richest and those with the toughest realities in Scotland through the Pupil Equity Fund. As a HT, I have managed budgets of over £120000 to support this vision. My experience in this area can be used to your effect. I would project manage the funding to support any identified improvement. This again will support a reduction in staff workload.


It is well documented that effective leaders create effective schools. The time we have in schools to develop our leaders is reducing as workload increases. I can provide a service to support managers at all levels to develop their leadership skills. I also have the skills and experience to support Head Teachers to develop their leadership skills and support their vision. I have worked with leaders from the Independent Sector and closely with a number of Head Teachers througout Scotland. More often than not, HT's struggle to have support in school. I can provide that in a safe environment.


I also have experience supporting new schools. Most recently I worked with Fairview Beaconhurst to prepare them for their Inspection to gain registration to open. This involved supporting them to develop their policies in the following areas;


Child Protection

Health & Safety

Risk Assessment

Anti Bullying


This was a bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of the school.