Pupil Equity Funding

The Scottish Government has made a fantastic committment to improving the life chances of our most vulnerable children through the Pupil Equity Fund. For some schools, my previous included, this brings a responsibility and workload issue to ensure the funding is used effectively. Heads2gether can support the improvement agenda in your school by project managing any identified area. This means Heads2gether will take on the workload leaving you to make the improvements in school time. Heads2gether will support training, resourcing and evaluating the project. One less thing to worry about.

What Can Heads2gether Support you With?

  • All aspect os the PEF 'paperwork' process.
  • Project manage any isdentified area including training, resourcing and evaluating.
  • Provide the self-evaluation report for the project to go into your school Self-Evaluation / school Improvement report.