Heads2gether School Self Evaluation Package  (Primary Only)

The Heads2gether Schools Self-Evaluation Package made a significant difference to our recent inspection. The information Jamie shared was a valuable part of our inspection scope and gave us confidence going into the inspection week. It made the process much easier.

Elizabeth Douglas, HT Newhill Primary School.

The Heads2gether School Self Evaluation Package is the premium product Heads2gether deliver. It is only available for Primary Education Establishments. What I have to offer is unique School Self Evaluation Package designed to tell the story of your schools through the views of staff, parents and pupils.


This is a week long support visit which ends with all staff knowing the full story of their school through the production of a School Self Evaluation Report in partnership with Heads2gether. The report will be in 8 sections as detailed below.


In partnership with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team I will undertake a root and branch audit of the school's vision, value and aims as well as looking at your curriculum and structures to support curriculum, quality assurance and self evaluation. 


During the engagement week, I will meet with pupils, parents and staff to gather as much evidence as possible to support the school's vision, values and aims.


I will also offer up to two twilight bespoke staff training sessions (Collegiate Activity Time / Staff Training as per the working time agreement) to meet the needs of your school improvement plan along with one twilight session where the staff can come together for a professional dialogue session based on their interests (as part of CPD / CLPL as per the working time agreement).


This is a fantastic package and can support schools nearing an Inspection or follow up Inspection, schools with a new Head Teacher, schools who are looking to validate their school self evaluation and schools where staffing is preventing the leadership team carry out the self evaluation process.


This whole package is one of support, not judgement. I have learned from experience that it is vital to look outwards when evaluating your school. look no further than Heads2gether to make this process effective and manageable at a time when staffing issues might not be allowing you to undertake this as robustly as you would like.


I am more than happy to come and visit your school to go over the package in more detail (if further than 50 miles then either telephone or face time discussion), no commitment. If you would like to discuss call me on 07828684066 or email ajamiepetrie@talktalk.net


Example Self Evaluation Report

As the report is entirely exclusive to each individual school who own the rights to share or not share the report, it is difficult to show a finished report. Below are the sections the report will contain. Want to know more? Call me on 07828684066.

Section 1- Record of Self Evaluation Audit Checklist

Section 1 focusses on the structures that are in place to support school improvement. The list below is an example of the information that might be shared with Heads2gether as part of the evaluation process. This will be a session of professional dialogue and information sharing. Part of the support process will include possible solutions should any of the areas below need developed.

Section 2 - The Context of the School

In section 2, the Head Teacher will share the context of the school based on the information below (Part of the support process will include possible solutions should any of the areas below need developed);


Section 3 - QI 1.3  Leadership of Change

Please note that in Sections 3-6, school names have been removed in order to protect identity. These reports will be personalised to your school based on the evaluations undertaken during the support visit.


Below is a copy of an example report. Some sections are not complete as they would only be relevant to your school context. These sections will show what information will go in the report.

Example Heads2gether School Self Evaluation Report. For Reading Only.
Example Final School Evaluation Document[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [436.3 KB]

Section 4 - QI 2.3  Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Section 5 - QI 3.1  Ensuring Wellbeing, Equity and Inclusion

Section 6 - QI 3.2  Raising Attainment and Achievement 

Section 7 - Staff Training Evaluation

Section 7 will document any Collegiate Activity Time (in line with the school's working time agreement) training sessions that have been undertaken during the week (up to two are on offer plus one twilight CPD session). Any resources or presentations used for these will be shared with the Head Teacher for their evidence folders.

Section 8 - School Next Steps

Section 8 will document the school's next steps based on the week long evaluation findings. This will support the creation of the next Improvement Plan. 

Heads2gether School Self Evaluation Package pricing for Session 2019 / 2020

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